Facial contouring
  • 1. Facial Biolysis Injection

    This is the injection that resolve unpleasant fat or saggy facial line in order to be smaller size of face. The swollen will be last 1~2hours and partial bruise can be covered with makeup. The effect will be occurred in a month dependently. In order to have better effect ion, drinking over 8 cups water is recommended.

Facial Biolysis Injection
Facial contouring Before & After
  • 2. Botox

    Using Botox ,make unnecessary development of muscle that leads to wrinkle and big face size delayed. After being injected by Botox , as the skin above the muscles go smoother, wrinkles and muscles will disappear naturally.

    We use Botox for so various treatments such as Facial size reducing such as square jaw Botox(masseter muscle size reducing), instant face-lifting, Acne Skin cure, hyperhidrosis,gastrocnemius or trapezius muscle reducing, and osmidrosis and so on.

    The advantage of Hansen medical clinic is Rich of experience and know-how. There's a lots of place that provide Botox treatment but Hansen is different. We inject on the accurate point and give you the most natural beauty without side-effects.

botox before & after
  • 3. Filler

    Nose Filler Nose Filler is a procedure that makes the nose defined and beautiful in non-incision method which is an injection.

    After applying anesthetic cream, desired nose shape can be made within 10minutes in immediate effect. It is able to return to daily activities without swelling or bruises remained.

    Without burden to have an invasive. Applied area of face are flat forehead, low nose, lip, Nasolabial Folds, chin, thin cheek extra.

Filler before & after
Facial Thread Lighting
  • 4. Facial Thread Lifting

    Aging process of skin usually starts from the late 20's by gradually losing facial fat and skin tightening which would lead the hollowness on some areas such as cheeks or under eyes.

    Recently, the start of this aging process seems noticeable in not only the middle-aged people but also in people who are in their 20s due to stress, heavy drinking and environmental factors.

    A face with prominent facial bones without any volume can make you look older than you actually are. In such cases, younger, prettier face can be made by hansen's small face contouring injections.

    Hansen's face-lifting takes less 1 hours and no needed downtime and its effect can be lasted over 1~2 years.

Facial Thread Lifting process
Facial Thread Lifting before & after
  • 5. Semi_nose operation

    Without Nose-surgery, we can lift up the low nose. Hansen's Babiko treatment's advantage are, safety, short treatment time, almost no side-effect, few downtime and natural beauty.

    Sometimes, we use filler for this treatment to have more effect. No body-anesthesia needed and it takes only 30min.

  • 6. Osmidrosis/Hyperhydrosis

    Osmidrosis and hyperhydrosis can be easily and simply cured by Botox with reasonable cost. It will take less than 30min and the effect normally last 6months or one year dependently. After Botox injection , there will be needed no down-time.

Soprano Hair Removal Laser

7. Raiser Hair Removal

  • Laser Hair Removal

    Be hair free forever Laser hair removal is the FDA-approved solution to fast and permanent hair reduction. Treatments are as short as a few minutes with lifetime results. We can treat all skin types and body areas . lf there's an area on the body that grows hair. we have a treatment to remove it Permanent Results. Guaranteed: Gently kiss your razor goodbye Laser hair removal will end unwanted hair problems for a lifetime. Soprano Laser gets you closer to your curves with smooth, hair add skin that looks and feels like satin. Only black and brown hair can be removed by current laser.

    Safe, Effective Treatments: The term of treatment is every month, and recommendable times of treatment are 5times or 7times in order to have permanent hair removal.

  • BIKINI or Brazilian HAIR REMOVAL

    Ditch bikini burn, bumps and stubble in your
    most intimate areas...forever Stay sexy smooth for you or that special someone


    Beautiful legs are in style year-round. Enjoy permanently hairless, perfect legs everyday with no effort.


    stop waiting your effort with razors.
    Underarm laser treatments are your secret to everlasting bare skin.


    Shaving your face never gets any more conformable, but after laser facial treatment, It's smooth salling from here to eternity.

Skin care clinic
  • 8. Medical Skin Care-Whitening

    Normal aging processes are usually accelerated by sun exposure and dry weather. Special medical laser can help hyaluronic acid production in deep skin layers and get the skin brightness back.

    Usually the procecedures are packed into 3~5times clinic visits and takes an hour each. Medical peeling(Aladdin peeling), IPL,Laser toning , Fractional techniques and radiofrequency skin tightening are the usual steps. We cure acnes, acne scars, fine lines, and enlarged pores

Medical Skin Care-Whitening process

• with freckles, blemishes, erythematic and pigmentation.

Medical Skin Care-Whitening before & after
  • 9. Tatto,Spot,Scar- laser removal

    The cost and times of this laser removal treatment is depended on clients' tattoo ,spots, and scar condition. Only brick colored tattoo and spot can be removed by laser.

Liposolve injections kill fat cells
  • 10. Body contouring injection-obesity& muscle reducing injection(바디라인주사)

    This is not fat removing suction operation-liposuction it is safe and simple obesity injection. This Hansen body shape contouring treatment is the injection that resolve unpleasant fat, cellulite and saggy body fat .

    The swollen will be last 1~2hours and partial bruise can be shown. The effect will be occurred in a month dependently. In order to have better effect ion, drinking over 8 cups water and avoid oily and sweet food are recommended.

    For better effect we use High frequency laser equipment to make better circulation of Limp and remove cellulite on the fat-gathered area.

Body contouring injection-obesity& muscle reducing injection process
Body contouring injection-obesity& muscle reducing injection before & after

Body contouring injection-obesity& muscle reducing injection before & after